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Download Norton AntiVirus 2014

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Norton AntiVirus is one the most widely used and trusted anti-virus software in the world managing to protect users of all knowledge levels and all hardware configurations against malicious software threat that are targeting Windows-powered services and privacy of their users. It efficiently detects and removes viruses, worms, Trojans and countless other types of threats automatically, without interrupting your work or causing large performance drops on your system. The software updates regularly and it scans emails and IM attachments for possible threats, which includes data that is introduced to your PC via removable storage mediums. Insight identifies which files and applications are safe and which are dangerous, using the combined feedback of more than 175 million Norton™ users.
Interface of Norton AntiVirus differs significantly from other antivirus solutions that are trying to have subdued and flat interface. Here however, visuals are very eye-catching and the layout of the app itself requires little different approach in controlling its functions. The latest version of the app from 2014 has a unique approach for its main dashboard, showcasing 4 big control squares on the main window – first for status overview of your system, second for activating scans, third for status of your live update, and fourth for access to advanced options. In top of the app are traditional shortcuts for app configuration, account management and “Performance” section that can streamline operation of your PC and make it faster.

Norton AntiVirus Key Features:

  • Stops online dangers without sacrificing performance
  • Lets you email, chat, and surf the Web without worrying about cybercriminals
  • Stops viruses, spyware, and other threats before they can do damage
  • Scans email and instant messages for suspicious links, attachments, and other scams
  • Prevents crimeware from being secretly loaded onto your PC
  • Provides help when you need it with free technical support by email, chat, and phone
  • Fixes even severely infected PCs with Norton Rescue Tools
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